What Causes Refrigerant Leaks?

What Causes Refrigerant Leaks?

Refrigerant leak is a silent cause of system breakdown. There are different reasons why the refrigerant in your HVAC system becomes insufficient. If you’re not familiar with them, read below and be informed.

Wear And Tear Due To Constant Use

It is normal in any HVAC system to wear out when constantly used. It affects the functioning of your system and may cause refrigerant leaks. For instance, weary units operate inefficiently and with excess vibrations. This creates extreme movement which may allow refrigerants to find escapes in between the moving components of your system.

Holes, Cracks and Scratches

We cannot prevent our air conditioners from being exposed to harmful chemicals which cause it to rust. Corrosion is a big issue because it weakens the components then causes holes and cracks. These serve as passages for refrigerants to leak out of your system.


Formic acid forms from Formaldehyde over a period of time. It is the number one contributor of corrosion inside your system. If formic acid builds up, pinholes can be created in the copper tubes inside your unit. This is an important concern to HVAC manufacturers that’s why they are starting to shift to aluminum components.

What happens when refrigerants leak?

Refrigerants are responsible for cooling the air. Insufficient amount of refrigerants does not only bring chaos to your comfort but to your entire system and the environment.

HVAC systems won’t function effectively with inadequate refrigerant content. Your components will operate slowly and at above suggested range to provide a constant cooling. If this continuous, you’ll be faced with high energy bills, costly repairs or worst, you’ll have an early replacement for your entire system.

Refrigerants are agonists of the environment. They contribute to ozone depletion and global warming. They can also affect your health when inhaled. So it is a must to get it fixed immediately.

What to do with refrigerant leaks?

The best thing that you can do to solve a leaking refrigerant is to call an HVAC contractor. This is not your typical DIY fixing and requires a more complicated solution. There are technicians who refill the right amount of refrigerants and tell you that it’s fixed, but no. The problem remains unsolved until the leaks are sealed.

Be sure to hire only qualified HVAC company such as Kirk Air Conditioning and Heating to solve your HVAC concerns. We guarantee timely and customer-friendly services and recommendations to give you better comfort.

Is Wi-Fi Thermostat A Wise Choice?

Improve your energy saving and control of your heating and cooling system with a thermostat upgrade. Join the increasing number of homeowners who shifted from conventional thermostats to Wi-Fi enabled smart models.

What is a Wi-Fi thermostat?

Smart thermostats are of two types, one of these offers full controls of the thermostat setting through internet or Wi-Fi connectivity. That’s why it is referred as Wi-Fi thermostat.

Savvy homeowners are beginning to embrace this new innovation. Although upgrading your thermostat can cause a great expense, it pays you off great in terms of savings and comfort in the long run. Basically, if you are the type of person with no permanent schedule, has shifting plans, and with one or more properties to manage, Wi-Fi thermostats are best for you.

What does a Wi-Fi thermostat offer?


Wi-Fi thermostats double your savings and reduce energy consumption. They may cost more than your conventional thermostat, but you can bring back your investment through great savings on electric bill. You don’t have to stress yourself when you accidentally forgot to switch off your AC when you leave for work. Your thermostats will adjust the temperature when it can no longer detect your presence so energy usage is reduced.


You can always set up your thermostat based on your weekend and weekday schedule, so you don’t need to manually operate it every now and then. You don’t have to worry when the weather changes while away from home. You can adjust the temperature wherever you are by using the app on your phones.


Wi-Fi thermostats provide notifications in case your system needs to be inspected for potential errors, when the temperature is above or below the pre-defined level, and when you have a power outage at home. They even send reports on your energy usage and provide suggestions on how to efficiently use your HVAC systems.


Although filled with new and improved features, Wi-Fi thermostat is still easy to use. The instructions are written in manners which buyers can easily understand. You can even search the answers on your queries online.

Reduces Human Error

Wi-Fi thermostats can identify which part of your home do you stay the most and provide the most convenient temperature there. They can learn your schedule and adjust the temperature based on your preferences.

Don’t be the last to experience these benefits. Call your trusted heating and cooling company for suggestions and schedule thermostat upgrade as soon as possible.