How To Fix A Broken Thermostat


You might be overthinking too much when your furnace malfunctions so you automatically call the nearest HVAC Company to fix the issue. Out of panic, you might have forgotten to check even the most common cause of an incorrect temperature setting in your home, the thermostat. Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating prepares these easy repair tips to help you fix your broken thermostat.

Change Batteries

Before doing anything with your furnace, check first if there’s power. Same thing with your thermostat, although some don’t use batteries. If you have a battery-powered thermostat, be sure to check if it needs replacement before starting to detach the screws. Sometime the reason of a malfunctioning HVAC system is a faulty thermostat battery.

Good Dusting

Another easy fix for thermostats is simple dusting. Use small paintbrush or other soft brush and light clean your thermostat. Especially for older thermostats, dust can accumulate inside and hinder its proper function. It is also one of the reasons for incorrect reading and inaccurate temperature setting. Be sure to include the metal coils and contact plates when you dust the inner part of the thermostat.

Check Location

Thermostats should not be located near heat sources or in places which are directly hit by sunlight. This can affect the temperature reading and may cause your thermostat to send wrong commands to the heating and cooling system. This may seem like a simple problem but it’s mostly overlooked by many homeowners.

Check Balance

If the thermostat is not levelled correctly, the mercury switch will not work properly. If this happens, your thermostat won’t be able to give the accurate temperature setting for your home. There are level devices that you can use to make sure that your thermostat is placed at proper balance.

Adjust The Anticipator

Open the thermostat housing and search the small tab next to a scale from shorter to longer. It’s just right to make adjustment on the anticipator when your heating and cooling system cycles on and off repeatedly. It will also help the thermostat to work smoothly.

Your thermostat is crucial in achieving the right comfort that you need, so better check it every once in a while. If you are not confident to do these easy fixes and you think there’s bigger issue in your thermostat, call us at Kirk and we’ll have this problem solved in no time.