Stop Making These 5 Costly HVAC Mistakes In Dallas, TX

Stop Making These 5 Costly HVAC Mistakes In Dallas, TX

During this season, we want our Kirk community to avoid problems with their heating and air conditioning units before it’s too late. Being too practical or ignoring simple maintenance sometimes cost us big time. To help the community develop a more educated decision in buying or using HVAC, we’ve come up with a list of 5 common HVAC mistakes in Dallas, TX.

 1.  DIY Installation

Installing your AC or furnace on your own is not advisable, unless you’re expert at working with high-voltage electricity and gas, and you have technical knowledge on HVAC. For a quality installation, it’s best to leave the job to a professional installer. Your local HVAC installer ensures proper installation to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs.

 2.  Getting The Wrong Size

Another common mistake we encounter in Dallas, TX is people buying a furnace or air conditioner that is too small or too large.  Air conditioning units that are too small won’t be able to properly cool your home, while extremely large systems cost more to operate. We recommend you working with your local HVAC contractor to get the right size of unit for your home or business facility.

 3.  Skipping Professional Annual Maintenance

Don’t forget to call your Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating HVAC professional for annual maintenance of your heating and cooling system. Remember, just because your unit seems working fine does not mean it’s efficient as it should be. Skipping annual maintenance may lead to increased energy bill, reduced lifespan, and increased frequency and cost of repair.

 4.  Forgetting To Replace Your Air Filter

Clogged and dirty air filers obstruct air flow, thus making your system work harder than necessary. This leads to an upsurge on your energy bill. Hence, it’s advisable to inspect the air filter at least once a month and replace it with a new one when it’s beyond cleaning

 5.  Hiring a cheap repair contractor

Be wary of quotes that are too low. It is likely that you will get a company that is not insured or licensed. As a result, you’ll get low quality repair service.

For trusted heating and cooling services in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas, contact Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating.

5 Common Furnace Problems

5 Common Furnace Problems

You are probably ignoring your furnace- until it breaks down one day. While many furnace problems may only need a simple DIY fix, it’s advisable to bring in a professional technician for a thorough diagnosis and repair (if needed). Read on to learn about the most common furnace problems.

  1. Clogged Air Filter

Is your furnace turning on but doesn’t blow hot air for very long? If yes, it could be an indication that the air filter has gone bad. When dust and specs of dirty clog on the filter, it disrupts airflow through the furnace causing the unit to shut off. Hence, be sure to keep your air filters clean and thoroughly inspected.

  1. Thermostat Problems

Another possible culprit behind a malfunctioning furnace is thermostat problem. If your programmable thermostat is not set properly, don’t be surprised if your furnace won’t be blowing hot air. Be sure to check the setting and that your thermostat is programmed to ‘heat’, and not ‘air’ or ‘off’.

  1. Circuit Breaker Tripped

A tripped circuit breaker can also cause your furnace to turn off. Here’s one simple DIY troubleshooting trick: there’s a switch near your furnace which turns it on and off. Check if this switch has not been turned off by mistake.

  1. Mechanical wear & Tear

Your furnace is composed of multiple components, and the entire unit can breakdown when one component is in bad shape. From overheating to airflow issues, your furnace can experience numerous problems due to mechanical wear and tear.

  1. Lack of Maintenance

With regular furnace maintenance and inspection, your heating system becomes susceptible to poor performance and breakdowns. It can also result to increased energy costs, so be sure to give your unit a dose of TLC.

If you need furnace repair in Dallas, TX, call the furnace experts at Kirk Air Conditioning Co.