Common Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

During the hottest days of the year, you rely on your air conditioning unit to keep you comfortable at home. When heat is unbearable, your A/C becomes your savior. Hence, it is just right to make sure it is well functioning. Take note that even the smallest mistake can significantly affect its performance and efficiency.

Keep your cooling unit working at its best by avoiding common A/C mistakes discussed below.

  • Wrong Thermostat Setting

A common mistake about air conditioning that most homeowners do is setting their thermostat too low. They would turn down the temperature to the most moderate degree thinking that the air conditioner would cool the house faster. Doing this does not deliver quick results on your A/C. You have to understand that air conditioners cool your room based on its clock. When considering cutting down your A/C bill, set your thermostat at 70 to 78 degrees to save up to 20% of energy usage.

  • Not Cleaning the Coils and Air Filters

If you expect a properly working A/C without cleaning the air filters and coils regularly, you are out of your mind! Both the coils and filters work to give you cool and clean air inside your home. Neglecting to clean or replace them religiously leads to poor indoor air quality, reduced A/C efficiency and unhealthy indoor environment.

  • Closing Air Vents

Should you cover the air vents in your room? Of course not! Closing the air vents affects the efficiency of your A/C unit. What you need to keep close are the door and windows to prevent conditioned air from escaping.

  • Neglecting A/C Checkup and Maintenance

Would it help you save more by ignoring A/C inspection and maintenance? You are mistaken if you do! A/C breakdown may happen when least expected; giving you unwanted expenses. Failure to do a complete checkup and maintenance increases the risks of A/C malfunctioning. Call the professionals to quickly identify signs of the breakdown of the unit and fix minor problems before they turn into major issues.

  • Incorrectly Positioned Outdoor Unit

The placement of your outdoor unit makes a big difference on your energy bill. How? You choose whether to put it directly facing the sun or in the opposite direction. Installing it in places with direct exposure to sunlight causes the unit to work longer and harder to cool your home. Place it somewhere with shade to maximize energy efficiency in your living space.

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Zone Your Central Air Conditioner and Save

Zone Your Central Air Conditioner and Save

If you are looking for effective ways of saving money at home, zoning your air conditioning system can greatly help. Although this approach is not the best for all residential situations, many homeowners find zoning a huge advantage to their saving goals.

Educate yourselves on this useful information from Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating when thinking of adding zones to your central air conditioner.

How Zoning Works

The logic behind zoning your HVAC system is to allow automatic and autonomous control of each room or zones in the house. Each of these zones is connected to an individual thermostat and a motorized damper positioned in the duct to supply the air to every zone. With a central controller linked to all thermostats of the rooms, the central HVAC system spontaneously turns on.

To get the most of the zoning system, your contractor needs to install the zones properly based on the demands of your home. Make sure to hire a qualified and licensed company to do the job.

How Zoning Increases Your Home’s Comfort?

  • Zoning is a great way to accurately control or manage your home’s temperature in every room, section or zone. How is this possible? By installing a programmable thermostat for each room, you allow the thermostat to adjust the temperature by itself. An automatic damper placed in the ductwork also helps in controlling airflow passing through the room.
  • For unoccupied rooms, zoning your central air conditioner prevents conditioned air from getting into waste. Why spend money on heating and cooling costs for spaces no one is using? Therefore, adding zones can help you save on the energy bills by a significant amount.
  • Is it possible to control the lighting in your house with just one switch? With zoning, it is! While your heating and air conditioning cost account for more than 50% of your energy usage, your lighting also adds to the cost uncontrollably. This is how zoning helps in cutting down the cost of energy bills while adding dollars to your savings.

How Much Money Can You Save With Zoning?

When professionally installed, you can get the most out of savings with a zoning system. It targets troubled areas at home and manages to cool the entire space consistently throughout the hot season. You may not see huge savings on the first month, but slowly, you will notice significant changes on your monthly bills.

If you have any plans of installing a zoning system at home, just call us at Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating for the service. Our highly trained staff is always available to help you!