What HVAC Problems Should You Leave to the Experts?

What HVAC Problems Should You Leave to the Experts?

Are you experiencing problems with your HVAC system? Do you want to deal with these issues using your DIY magic or consult your local HVAC specialists? While few of the minor jobs like changing the air filter and setting the thermostat seem doable, some of the most complicated and dangerous work such as electrical problems and part replacement should be undertaken by professionals. When it comes to your heating and cooling system, know your limits and do not forget to ask for help.

Here are the HVAC problems you should leave to the experts:

  • Electrical Problems

Your HVAC system conducts a significant amount of electricity. Anyone without proper training who tries to make electrical repairs and adjustments does not just put the system in danger, but also positions himself at risk of electrocution. So, if you encounter electrical issues in your system, better call a professional technician.

  • Cleaning the Coil Fins

While the cleaning part sounds simple and easy for you to handle, things can be different when it comes to coil fins. They are delicate and require professional attention. Call an HVAC company that has the right tools and knowledge to perform expert cleaning services.

  • Part Replacement

Just because you found an HVAC tutorial video which teaches you how to replace the unit’s parts, or you saw cheap parts sold online, it does not mean you should go for them. The best thing to do when you experience a HVAC problem is to contact your local contractor who can handle the repair work and to get a proper recommendation of what product is right.

  • Selecting a New HVAC System

Choosing a new HVAC system is a daunting task. Your knowledge alone is not enough to determine what type of unit fits your home, location, climate, space size, and comfort requirements. Before buying, make sure to contact your local company to inspect your place and find the right units for you.

  • Handling the Maintenance

Annual maintenance is composed of different services that will ensure your system is running at peak efficiency all year round. This job should be undertaken by qualified and well-trained people who will come to your place to check, monitor, adjust and test your HVAC system. If you want to make the most of your investment and extend the life of your unit, sign up for regular maintenance now.

When it comes to solving your faulty HVAC system, all you need is professional assistance, not assumptions. Should you need professional HVAC services in Dallas, TX? Call Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating and enjoy the benefits of properly working HVAC system when the cold season comes.

How Furnaces Have Changed Over Time?

How Furnaces Have Changed Over Time?

Have you noticed some of the most notable technological advancements that make furnace units outstanding in today’s HVAC industry? Do you know how they had changed drastically over the past few years? If you are curious about its remarkable evolution, let us get this started!

Home Heating Of The Past

We suspect many of you were raised in a small row house with huge vents in between the dining room and living room. If you can still recall, these vents are heating the entire space of your home using the equipment’s forced hot air. However, with this kind of heat-generating system, homeowners find it hard to harmonize the heated indoor air with their home’s comfort demands. In some instances, they have to open their windows a tad to stabilize the indoor temperature since the equipment heats the space too much.

Other home heating options used by homeowners are simple fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, gas and oil heating, kitchen’s cast iron stoves, and other alternatives that can provide comfort during the cold months. Modern homeowners perhaps cannot imagine their situation when they have to live the old ways. After knowing all these facts, let us just be thankful about where everything had started.

Home Heating Nowadays

The heating technology has paved the way so we can experience what true home comfort really means. With modern home heating technologies, we can experience better comfort, more efficient operation, enhanced performance, and greater savings. Now, most houses in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas are using high-efficient natural gas-powered furnaces.

Here are the technology improvements added to modern furnaces:

  • Multiple Stage Operation. Modern furnaces with multiple stage operation features can vary firing capacity to meet your required indoor comfort at a given time.
  • Blower Delay. Modern furnaces have a blower delay, which assures that your ducts are heated by the time the air starts to move through them.
  • Variable-Speed Technology. High-efficiency gas furnaces contain variable-speed blower motors that can vary the speed of the blown air inside your home. This is to ensure that the unit meets your heating comfort demand. A variable-speed technology can offer you a better mix of air and help reduce the cold and hot spots in your living space.

Talk to Us to Understand Your Furnace Better!

Make sure to talk with your HVAC contractor to know the complete feature of a modern furnace. This will help you make an informed buying decision the next time you decide to buy a new unit. Call us at Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating now so we can educate you more about the comfort features, energy-efficiency, and other important matters regarding your furnace unit.