How to Redesign Your HVAC System?

How to Redesign Your HVAC System?

Many homeowners in Dallas, TX are not aware that their heating and cooling systems are no longer suited to their homes, particularly if they have undergone home remodeling or space expansion. Things can become a bit trickier since many of them do not understand how their HVAC systems work. So if you change the way your home looks, do not forget to include your HVAC system in the plan as well.

Here are seven HVAC tips to consider when redesigning your HVAC system at home:

  1. Place the mechanical room (heating system room) on the side of the house where your garage is situated. The room on your garage has the longest heat run that is why it is best to put your heating system close to it.
  2. Place your sump pump underneath a low-traffic location. Our experts recommend placing it under your electrical panel or your stairs.
  3. Consider the size of your home and the size of the system. If you have a second floor measuring more than 3,000 square feet, you might need to install a new heating and cooling system to properly heat or cool the entire space.
  4. Be sure to have proper sizing and direction of your ductwork. The bulkhead should measure 40 feet wide if you have a home under 1,800 square feet. But for bigger homes, it should be 48 to 56 feet wide.
  5. Place your mechanical room close to your outdoor side yard. Longer heating system and water tank venting like the ones placed in the middle of your home can become inconvenient to all occupants. If you consider removing and replacing it, be sure to upgrade to new equipment and place them close to your outdoor side yard.
  6. Be sure to have a proper sizing and direction of the mechanical wall. The mechanical wall on your main floor should be in opposite direction of your floor joists (the minimum measurement is 2×6).
  7. Take note that opening your web joists may increase the cost of installation. Opening them does not mean you can fit your main duct line inside the joists. It will only cost higher since you need to close their sides when the return air starts to run.

If you are not sure about how your HVAC system works and you need assistance in redesigning it, contact us at Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating. We can help you make necessary adjustments and proper placement of your heating and cooling system. Set your appointment with us today!

Common HVAC Emergencies in Dallas, TX Homes This Fall

Common HVAC Emergencies in Dallas, TX Homes This Fall

It is easy to tell that something is wrong with your unit if your Dallas, TX home is not comfortable anymore and your energy bill increases for no reason. While some issues in your unit seem obvious, others might just surprise you, especially at times when you need comfort the most.

This fall season, our experts at Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating will share you of the most common HVAC emergencies you need to know.

  • Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant leak is a problem we do not want to experience in the middle of freezing nights. When it happens, your heating unit might not work properly and cannot give you the right amount of warm inside your home. Too much refrigerant can even cause failure to your compressor. Be sure to call your local technician to address your refrigerant problems this season.

  • Corroded Terminals and Wirings

You might have corroded terminals and wires if your HVAC system is short cycling or turning on and off by itself. Call your local technician to check your unit and replace the corroded parts before they cause more issues on other nearby components.

  • Exploded Fuse

The fuse in your evaporator coil is responsible for protecting your motor from overheating. It might blow up if your unit has loose wires. This can pose a great harm in your unit and might be a cause of other unexpected costly problems. Be sure to make a service call when this happens.

  • Dirty HVAC Parts

Your unit’s components can get dirty over time and when it happens, you should clean these parts to allow smooth operation in your heating and cooling system. Dirt might build up and might cause your unit to work harder, allowing it to consume more energy and increasing your energy bill every month. Avoid this issue this fall by contacting your local HVAC contractor to perform complete HVAC maintenance and cleaning.

  • Loud, Strange Noises

Are you hearing strange and loud noises in your unit? The presence of squealing, banging, rasping or grinding sound means something is wrong. It might send a message to you that your bearing and belt are wearing out or your burner is dirty. Immediately set an appointment with your local technician to address the problem.

If your HVAC system is suspected of serious problems this fall season, do not hesitate to contact your local heating and cooling contractor. Our team at Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating are always ready to help you with your HVAC issues and get your unit prepared for the cold months. Call us today!

5 Benefits of Installing an HVAC Package Unit in Your Dallas, TX Home

5 Benefits of Installing an HVAC Package Unit in Your Dallas, TX Home

Many homeowners in Dallas, TX want to enjoy high-quality comfort and great savings as their HVAC system operates from season to season. But since their older units cannot cope with these demands and purchasing a new system seems an expensive move, they tend to suffer from costly comfort and get startled when high energy bill arrives.

Don’t you know that you can save more cash by installing an HVAC package unit for your house? Here are the benefits of installing one for your Dallas, TX home:

  1. Lower Your Energy Bills

As an all-in-one solution, HVAC package units are more efficient compared to multi-unit systems. Most of these units contain SEER, HSPF, and AFUE rating, which prove that you can save money by lowering your energy consumption as you use them.

  1. Ideal for Homes with Limited Space

If you live in a crowded space and only allow a limited square footage for a new system installation, an HVAC package unit can save you. You can place the unit in your basement or on the roof if there is no space available outdoors.

  1. Easy Installation

Easy installation is guaranteed with an HVAC package unit! Since it comes in a single unit, your installer can spend a little time installing it unlike the multi-unit HVAC systems that have special installation requirement. Plus, the fee is much cheaper!

  1. Easy Maintenance

Because the components of the HVAC package unit are located in a single and easy-to-reach location, your technician will find it easy to check, test and maintain them. No interior and exterior units need to be checked back and forth and no need for crawling into close quarters to make a repair. Your technician can make easy and fast diagnosis so you can use the unit as soon as possible.

  1. Dependable and Versatile

Among the biggest benefits you can get with an HVAC package unit is that it comes with different options that are all available in a single system. Like the traditional stand-alone counterparts, HVAC package units can also provide the same level of heating or cooling comfort, but at a more affordable cost.

High-Quality HVAC Package Units for Your Dallas, TX Home

HVAC package units are the best option you can have mainly if space and efficiency are concerned. Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating is here to offer you HVAC package units that are streamlined for your home regardless of your comfort requirement. We have Packaged Air Conditioning systems, Packaged Gas Furnaces and Air Conditioners, and Packaged Heat Pumps that carry SEER, HSPF, and AFUE rating. Contact us to know more!