Signs Your A/C is Low on Refrigerant


Signs Your A/C is Low on Refrigerant
Troubleshooting a low on refrigerant air conditioner can be a difficult and tricky job, especially when you’re not well-versed about it nor professionally trained. One uncertain move can either make or break your unit. Rather than making any guesses, let us help you spot the signs when your A/C is low on refrigerant.

Ice Buildup on Your Coils or Condenser

When your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, you will notice ice buildup on your coils or condenser. Once your system has frozen, you’ll start to experience discomforts such as poor airflow coming out from your unit, causing a longer time to cool your space or no cooling at all. You may also check your air filters to see if it’s clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris. Make sure to replace it every three months for better indoor air quality.

Unusual Noises Coming From Your Unit

Do you hear any unusual noises like hissing or bubbling coming from your air conditioner? It’s an obvious sign of leaks in your condenser or ductwork system. And these strange sounds indicate that your unit is running out or low on refrigerant. This problem should be addressed immediately by a certified technician to do a diagnostic check and provide a quick fix. However, there are instances where some leaks cannot be repaired due to corrosion on the coils, so a replacement is the best solution for you.

Longer Time to Cool Your Home

Your A/C unit is designed to give you comfort. If it’s not working as it should be, you know that something is off. And if it’s taking a long time to cool your home, it can be caused by a refrigerant leak. When your unit runs out of refrigerant, it takes the heat back and starts to blow warm air in your home. Other possible reasons are clogged air filters, electrical problems, or damaged components in your A/C.

Higher Utility Bills

If you notice a huge increase in your energy consumption, it’s a usual sign of a refrigerant issue. You’ll find your air conditioner works harder and runs longer to reach your home’s desired comfort level. As a result, it significantly affects your electric bills.

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Easy Home Care Tips For Summer

Easy Home Care Tips For Summer
Are you looking for a fun yet productive ways to enjoy the hottest season of the year? Don’t go any further because we have you covered. Try these easy home care tips and make your summer unforgettable.
  • Replace Your Air Filters Regularly 

    Let’s get started with replacing your air filters regularly. It’s the easiest maintenance task that most homeowners tend to forget. Here’s a bit piece of advice: mark the schedules in your calendar so it will not slip on your mind.

  • Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Make sure that your carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Check the batteries and replace it periodically to avoid inhaling toxic gas in your home.

  • Schedule Your A/C Service 

    Summer without A/C is no fun at all and can be frustrating. Take this time to get your cooling system serviced with licensed technicians. It’s fair enough to spoil your hard-working air conditioner with some dose of TLC, right? Reap the benefits of properly maintained A/C systems when you sign up with our service agreement.

  • Watch Out for Leaks

    Check your interior walls, attic, basement and exterior faucets for any cracks, pinholes or damage that are a potential source of water leaks. Chances are your utility cost will blow up this summer. Also, unwanted guests such as pests, mold, and mildew may start to thrive, causing more harm to your home. Call the professionals to fix it immediately.

  • Take Advantage of the Heat

    Install an outdoor clothesline and allow the fresh, warm air to dry your laundry. This will help you reduce your energy consumption. Moreover, you can also wash the windows and clean your gas or charcoal grill. These are other easy yet productive way to enjoy the hottest season. Summer would not be complete without the barbeque party. So get it all ready and start the fun.

  • Time for Home Makeover

    Give your home a new look this summer. It’s time to touch-up the paint of your exterior walls and decorate your rooms, creating a whole new ambiance to freshen up your living space.

  • Give a Deep Clean

    Clean out your fridge and check any leftover or rotten food that needs to get rid of. Also, vacuum the carpets and wash the rugs to remove dust, pet dander, and other indoor allergens away from your home. Don’t forget to get your chimney cleaned as well as your showerheads and bathroom drains.

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