• Common Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

    During the hottest days of the year, you rely on your air conditioning unit to keep you comfortable at home. When heat is unbearable, your A/C becomes your savior. Hence, it is just right to make sure it is well functioning. Take note that even the smallest mistake can significantly affect its performance and efficiency.Keep your cooling unit working at its best by avoiding common A/C mistakes discussed below.Wrong Thermostat SettingA common mistake about air conditioning that most homeowners do is setting their thermostat too low. They would turn down the temperature to the most moderate degree thinking that the air conditioner... Read More

  • Zone Your Central Air Conditioner and Save

    If you are looking for effective ways of saving money at home, zoning your air conditioning system can greatly help. Although this approach is not the best for all residential situations, many homeowners find zoning a huge advantage to their saving goals.Educate yourselves on this useful information from Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating when thinking of adding zones to your central air conditioner.How Zoning WorksThe logic behind zoning your HVAC system is to allow automatic and autonomous control of each room or zones in the house. Each of these zones is connected to an individual thermostat and a motorized damper position... Read More

  • Eco-Friendly Home Ideas for Summer

    Keeping your home cool this summer can be quite expensive as you turn on your air conditioner. But, there are energy-saving and eco-friendly alternatives that can help you beat the heat without draining your pockets.Here are ecological home tips perfect for this hot season.Modify Your WindowsYou can do better in keeping up with the beat this summer. Use your windows as a sophisticated system to control the heat from coming into your home. Customize your curtains with lighter shades to propel the heat. Draw your shutters or blinds to allow proper ventilation and shading.Go GreenNothing is more ecological than plant... Read More

  • Solid Reasons Why You Need a Digital Programmable Thermostat

    Studies show that 42% of household energy costs are spent on heating and cooling devices. Frequent usage of HVAC systems greatly contributes to this large percentage of your home expenditures. Thus, you need a device that will keep your energy use professionally managed and controlled.Find out why a programmable thermostat makes a good choice compared to manually operated thermostats.Easy to InstallProgrammable thermostat comes in easy-to-follow installation manual that is readily available from your HVAC dealer. In no time, you can have your digital thermostat installed at home by your trusted technician.Low Cost on ... Read More

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