• Top 5 HVAC Mistakes Most Homeowners Make

    Your HVAC system in your Dallas, TX home helps you relax regardless of the temperature outside. But did you know that some mistakes you make can reduce its performance and efficiency?Don’t worry! Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating will uncover these top five (5) HVAC mistakes most homeowners make. Keep reading!Keeping Air Vents ClosedEven though closing the vents may sound logical, it’s a big mistake! It will put too much strain on the unit, which causes damage to its components and increases energy usage. To help your unit operate effectively, be sure that the vents are open and free from any obstructions.Forgetti... Read More

  • Why Is Your Heating System Not Blowing Hot Air?

    Have you ever had this problem? You turn on your heating system to find only cold air blowing. Well, there could be several reasons why your unit is not working properly.Here are some potential causes and quick fixes you should know:Thermostat IssuesThe problem may be hiding in your thermostat. It could be caused by dirt buildup, incorrect settings, or dead batteries. Here are some things to troubleshoot:This may sound simple but make sure it is set to “heat.” You wouldn’t believe it but this is among most of the service calls. Check the batteries and replace them if needed. Open the thermostat panel and clean your... Read More

  • Weird Furnace Odors You Shouldn’t Ignore

    Odd smells coming from a heating system is downright worrisome.  Most homeowners are not aware of what these weird odors mean. They assume that there could be a mechanical problem or some serious issues. Either way, these unusual furnace smells require immediate attention.Know what they are and what you should do about them through this post.Musty OdorsA musty odor could be caused by dirt or mold growth in your ducts. This is particularly true if you haven’t had your ductwork or system cleaned regularly. Routine check and service from the pros can prevent this problem and ensure your unit works properly. If the damp sm... Read More

  • 5 Life Hacks For Cleaning Up After Your Christmas Tree

    Nothing warms your heart more than the sight of a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments, holiday lights, and the presents beneath it. Along with these cheery Christmas elements comes the cleaning task that can be messy. But don’t worry! Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating is here to take your stress away.Check out these five (5) life hacks for cleaning up after your Christmas tree:Organizing the Holiday LightsAs you take down your Christmas lights, please don’t just throw them in a box. Doing that will get them tangled up which can lead to a messy disaster. Instead, wrap each string of lights around the pieces of card... Read More