• Why Does My Furnace Keep Turning Off?

    At a normal operation, your furnace turns on and off automatically for about 3-6 times in an hour to keep the right heating in your home. If you notice your unit is turning on and off more than this, short-cycling is most likely the reason why.The good news is that it can be fixed with just one call to the experts at Kirk Air Conditioning and Heating. The bad news is- if it’s neglected, it can cause higher utility bill and damage to the components of your furnace.Why Your Furnace Turns On And Off RepeatedlyDirty Air Filter. After some time, the particles that air filters trap can already block the airflow straining your syst... Read More

  • Don’t Let Your Winter Heating Create A Breeding Ground For Fleas

    When you start to fire up your furnace, your home becomes the most comfortable place to stay during the winter season. However, it’s not just you who finds relief in this warm and cozy place. It also attracts fleas.Fleas can be distributed by your pets typically cats and dogs. They thrive in warm places and your home is a perfect spot. They grow fast especially when the temperature reaches 70 to 85 degrees. If you have pets in your home, here are some tips to keep fleas out of your wintertime comfort.Clean your pets. Why bother solving flea problems when you can prevent the creation of it. Wash your pets regularly using anti-fle... Read More

  • DIY vs. Hiring HVAC Professionals: Which Saves You More?

    Between DIY or hiring an HVAC pro, it’s really an intriguing question for home and business owners as to which will save them more from their heating and cooling expenses. If you’re one of those who are torn between these two choices, here are some important factors to considerCost of ToolsNot unless you’ve been doing DIY jobs for quite some time now, you might be faced with the expense of buying the tools that you need for the operation. Some tools can be expensive, so before purchasing one, have some time to think if you’ll be needing them again soon. If yes, then you can invest in these tools. If your answer is no, you... Read More

  • What Causes Refrigerant Leaks?

    Refrigerant leak is a silent cause of system breakdown. There are different reasons why the refrigerant in your HVAC system becomes insufficient. If you’re not familiar with them, read below and be informed.Wear And Tear Due To Constant UseIt is normal in any HVAC system to wear out when constantly used. It affects the functioning of your system and may cause refrigerant leaks. For instance, weary units operate inefficiently and with excess vibrations. This creates extreme movement which may allow refrigerants to find escapes in between the moving components of your system.Holes, Cracks and ScratchesWe cannot prevent our... Read More