• Types of Space Heaters You Can Use This Winter

    Space heaters are essential equipment to help us get through the cold days. It may sound dandy and smart, but what makes a specific space heater better than another? Well, it ideally depends on your heating demands and personal living space. If you need a space heater for your home, our team at Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating can help. Here are the types of space heaters we recommend: Fuel-Burning Space Heater A fuel-burning space heater is designed for large homes. Homeowners don’t need to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning since the heater uses fuel.  This type of space heater is equipped with flues that serve as a way for t... Read More

  • How to Redesign Your HVAC System?

    Many homeowners in Dallas, TX are not aware that their heating and cooling systems are no longer suited to their homes, particularly if they have undergone home remodeling or space expansion. Things can become a bit trickier since many of them do not understand how their HVAC systems work. So if you change the way your home looks, do not forget to include your HVAC system in the plan as well.Here are seven HVAC tips to consider when redesigning your HVAC system at home:Place the mechanical room (heating system room) on the side of the house where your garage is situated. The room on your garage has the longest heat run that is w... Read More

  • Common HVAC Emergencies in Dallas, TX Homes This Fall

    It is easy to tell that something is wrong with your unit if your Dallas, TX home is not comfortable anymore and your energy bill increases for no reason. While some issues in your unit seem obvious, others might just surprise you, especially at times when you need comfort the most.This fall season, our experts at Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating will share you of the most common HVAC emergencies you need to know.Refrigerant LeaksA refrigerant leak is a problem we do not want to experience in the middle of freezing nights. When it happens, your heating unit might not work properly and cannot give you the right amount of w... Read More

  • 5 Benefits of Installing an HVAC Package Unit in Your Dallas, TX Home

    Many homeowners in Dallas, TX want to enjoy high-quality comfort and great savings as their HVAC system operates from season to season. But since their older units cannot cope with these demands and purchasing a new system seems an expensive move, they tend to suffer from costly comfort and get startled when high energy bill arrives.Don’t you know that you can save more cash by installing an HVAC package unit for your house? Here are the benefits of installing one for your Dallas, TX home:Lower Your Energy BillsAs an all-in-one solution, HVAC package units are more efficient compared to multi-unit systems. Most of these un... Read More