• Most Common HVAC Service Calls in the Summer

    If your HVAC system does not work properly and your home is not as comfortable as it should be, you can probably tell that there’s something wrong with your unit. While some minor works like changing the air filter seem doable, other jobs like part replacement and repair will require the professionals to bring back your HVAC system’s optimum performance.Although the summer season is all about moderate to high temperature, many of the HVAC problems can still arise, you will need expert care. Here are the most common HVAC service calls in the summer: Refrigerant Leaks Leaks in your refrigerant can happen and this problem can cause you... Read More

  • Frozen Coils in Summer: How is that Possible?

    Evaporator and condenser coils—these two are responsible for the heat transfer and cooling process of your unit. When ice buildup starts to cover them, it’s a sign of trouble in your system.Let’s find out what’s causing them to ice up. Damaged Blower FanThe blower fan is responsible for sucking the heat and bringing cool air in your home. When it gets damaged, the airflow significantly changes, and condensation starts to build up in your coils. Immediate attention is required to avoid further costs in your system. Clogged Air FiltersClogged air filters are another reason for frozen coils. How? Dirt, m... Read More

  • A/C Condenser Repair Checklist for Spring

    Dirty Condenser Unit Out of sight, out of mind. Most homeowners tend to forget about their condenser unit. Since it is placed outside, it can easily be overlooked. Check if your condenser is covered with dirt, dust, mold, and other debris.These particles reduce the efficiency of your unit in cooling your home and cause your electric bills to spike. While some DIYers will clean their own condenser, we recommend leaving it to the pros. Clogged Coil Winter months might have left some unpleasant elements which can cause your unit to malfunction. You might find trash or vegetation blocking your condensing coil, which reduces airflow and ... Read More

  • 5 Energy-Saving Tips for Your HVAC this Springtime

    Springtime is the best season to have a lot of fun! Did you know that you can make the most of the spring fun and save money at the same time? Yes, you read it right!Homeowners grab this opportunity to save on energy as much as possible, and because we want you to benefit and enjoy your HVAC more, we have these 5 energy-saving tips to get you started Close your Vents in Unoccupied Rooms It is not practical to leave your A/C on with no one using it. Also, you need to make sure that you close your air vents because air leakage is a complete waste of your money. By doing this, it improves the efficiency of your A/C. It means that your ... Read More