• 5 Home Improvement Projects For Spring

    Spring is the perfect time of the year to tackle all home improvement projects and tasks that have taken backseats in the previous months. This season signals a fresh approach for you to revitalize your abode for the warmer weather. But what aspect of home improvement should you focus this spring season?Our team at Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating will tell you some… so keep reading. Repair Your Roof Small holes or damages on your rooftop should be your concern. These little issues caused by heavy winter can lead to major problems over time. Small holes allow water to enter the attic and walls. To spot them, check your shingles... Read More

  • Allergy and Asthma Statistics

    Do you have any idea how many people in the United States are sensitive to pollen, dust, dander, and other airborne irritants? Well, let us find out through this post. Take a look at the allergy and asthma statistics from the  American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, the American Lung Association, and the Centers for Disease Control.Statistics for AsthmaAsthma is the medical condition in which your airways are narrowing, swelling, and producing extra mucus. This condition can make your breathing difficult and eventually triggers wheezing, coughing, and breathing shortness. While asthma may seem a minor nuisance for othe... Read More

  • Most Common Indoor Air Pollutants in Your Dallas, TX Home

    When we speak about polluted air, the first things to cross your mind are large trucks puffing out grey exhaust and big factories expelling dark, smelly clouds. But, do you know that pollution inside your home is worse than this?According to EPA, some indoor air contaminants can be 100 times greater compared to outdoor pollutants, making poor indoor air quality as one of the top causes of health-related problems today. So, what is in the air you breathe inside your Dallas, TX home? Here are the most common indoor air pollutants:Volatile Organic CompoundsVOCs come from paints, glue, cleaning products, hairsprays, home printers, up... Read More

  • The 4 Different Types of HVAC Systems

    When you heard about the HVAC system, maybe the first thing to cross your mind is heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and it is the equipment used to make homes comfortable. The truth is there are different types of HVAC systems that come in different specs and sizes. Surprised? Then maybe this calls for an HVAC lesson! Here are the four (4) types of HVAC systems: Heating and Cooling Split Systems The most common type of HVAC system is the split system. It is a traditional system, with components that are placed inside and outside the house. It is a system situated in large parts of the house, and each part works hand-in-hand to ... Read More