• Top 6 Frequently Asked Air Conditioning Questions

    Your air conditioning system may still be a mystery and a puzzle to you. And surely, you have questions in mind about your unit, which you are hesitant to ask with your service provider. Trying to find straightforward answers to these questions can be frustrating especially if they do not come from the experts.To help you put the pieces together, we have made a handy guide of A/C queries with smart answers you will want to know.How often should I service my A/C unit?Servicing your unit depends on your system, but experts advise to have it done at least once a year. We recommend that you schedule a periodic system inspection ... Read More

  • Is It Time for A/C Tune-Up? Check These Signs

    With a humid and warm climate in Dallas, TX, keeping up a well-working air conditioning unit is necessary especially this summer.  If your cooling system does not function properly, your summer can be miserable. Most often, your air conditioner will show clear signs that urgent tune-up or repair job is needed.We have pointed out three (3) common signs that an A/C tune-up is necessary.Irritating and Strange NoisesA hiss or tick sound coming from your air conditioner indicates loose, worn out or broken parts. The different sounds that it emits signals different problems in the system. A squealing noise may indicate a tripped ... Read More

  • The Importance of Commercial HVAC System Controls

    Have you imagined what television was like without a remote control? It’s terrible, right? The same goes for your HVAC equipment. It requires a control system that will regulate its operation every minute of the day.For commercial buildings, HVAC system controls are necessary to keep the operation running smoothly. Over time, these system controls had acquired various names like building automation system (BAS) and energy management systems. But whatever name they have, they function as one.Functions of commercial HVAC system controlsHeating and cooling systems are complex systems that require in-depth knowledge of how to op... Read More

  • Is Running Central Air Cheaper Than Running Three Wall Air Conditioners?

    Air conditioning units have two major permanent installation types which are central air conditioners and window or wall-mounted A/C units. Deciding which of these two cooling methods is best for your home comfort needs can be tough considering the rising energy costs and other factors.To help you choose between a central air and three wall air conditioner, let’s take a look at these important details.Central A/C and Window Air Conditioners: What’s The Difference?Central A/C cools your home through a duct system consisting of supply and return ducts. With a set of pipes that runs the coolant towards the air handler, the d... Read More