• Is Running Central Air Cheaper Than Running Three Wall Air Conditioners?

    Air conditioning units have two major permanent installation types which are central air conditioners and window or wall-mounted A/C units. Deciding which of these two cooling methods is best for your home comfort needs can be tough considering the rising energy costs and other factors.To help you choose between a central air and three wall air conditioner, let’s take a look at these important details.Central A/C and Window Air Conditioners: What’s The Difference?Central A/C cools your home through a duct system consisting of supply and return ducts. With a set of pipes that runs the coolant towards the air handler, the d... Read More

  • 5 Mistakes People Make With Their Programmable Thermostat

    As energy prices continue to rise every year, it only means that achieving your desired home comfort will cost more. While energy prices surge is inevitable, the amount spent on your heating and cooling bills can be minimized by up to 30%. How is this possible?Using your thermostat correctly is one way of cutting dollars on your monthly bills. Unfortunately, not all know how to deal with their thermostats professionally. Below are common mistakes in using a programmable thermostat that you should avoid.Having the Wrong Perception About Your ThermostatTo think that a thermostat works as a temperature limiter is a reasonable a... Read More

  • Avoid Unnecessary AC Service With These Pet Owner Tips

    Sharing your home with a cat, dog or any furry pet can be a source of pure bliss in the family. However, having these furry companions around can also cause the most annoying downsides indoors. Those hairs and other particles in their bodies can end up to your HVAC filter, causing stress to your system.To prevent unnecessary A/C repair, here are few tips for pet owners to follow.#1. Bathe Your Pets OutsideBefore they scatter their mess inside your home and in your HVAC system, make sure to bathe and brush them outdoor. Use a brush that is specifically designed to remove hair and dander from your pet. If you do not want to do t... Read More

  • Common Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

    During the hottest days of the year, you rely on your air conditioning unit to keep you comfortable at home. When heat is unbearable, your A/C becomes your savior. Hence, it is just right to make sure it is well functioning. Take note that even the smallest mistake can significantly affect its performance and efficiency.Keep your cooling unit working at its best by avoiding common A/C mistakes discussed below.Wrong Thermostat SettingA common mistake about air conditioning that most homeowners do is setting their thermostat too low. They would turn down the temperature to the most moderate degree thinking that the air conditi... Read More