• Factors To Consider When Choosing A Heating System

    Need a new heating system for your home or building? Then you’re probably intimated by the different heating options out there. Choosing an appropriate heating system needs a basic understanding of several factors including the following.Energy Source or Fuel TypeFirst off, determine which fuels are accessible in your local area. In most parts of the country, the most commonly used fuel is natural gas. If natural gas is not available in your place, you can go for propane or LP gas. Talk to your local heating and cooling contractor for reasonable operating cost estimates for various energy sources or fuel types.Forced Air Or... Read More

  • Top 4 Benefits Of Replacing Your Furnace Filter Regularly

    Albeit oftentimes overlooked, furnace filters are an integral component of HVAC equipment. These filters improve the quality of air and help your unit to run at its best. Here are 4 reasons why you should swap out your furnace filters regularly.Improved IAQHealthy indoor air is one of the most amazing benefits of replacing furnace filters regularly, making it especially helpful for a family member who has asthma or allergy problems. Dirty furnace filters can aggravate your indoor air quality and worsen symptoms. If you have pets at home, you can also benefit from regular filter replacement.Equipment LongevityA clogged ... Read More

  • Why Does My Furnace Keep Turning Off?

    At a normal operation, your furnace turns on and off automatically for about 3-6 times in an hour to keep the right heating in your home. If you notice your unit is turning on and off more than this, short-cycling is most likely the reason why.The good news is that it can be fixed with just one call to the experts at Kirk Air Conditioning and Heating. The bad news is- if it’s neglected, it can cause higher utility bill and damage to the components of your furnace.Why Your Furnace Turns On And Off RepeatedlyDirty Air Filter. After some time, the particles that air filters trap can already block the airflow straining your syst... Read More

  • Don’t Let Your Winter Heating Create A Breeding Ground For Fleas

    When you start to fire up your furnace, your home becomes the most comfortable place to stay during the winter season. However, it’s not just you who finds relief in this warm and cozy place. It also attracts fleas.Fleas can be distributed by your pets typically cats and dogs. They thrive in warm places and your home is a perfect spot. They grow fast especially when the temperature reaches 70 to 85 degrees. If you have pets in your home, here are some tips to keep fleas out of your wintertime comfort.Clean your pets. Why bother solving flea problems when you can prevent the creation of it. Wash your pets regularly using anti-fle... Read More