Why Is My Air Conditioner Tripping The Circuit Breaker?

Why Is My Air Conditioner Tripping The Circuit Breaker?

Does your A/C in Dallas, TX trip your circuit breaker as it operates? This scenario can cause your blower to blow warm air, which is contrary to what your cooling system is designed for. If you want to know what causes it, this post is for you.

Reasons why your air conditioner trips your circuit breaker

  • Shortened Electric Motor

Running your electric motor for a long time can cause your wire insulation to break down, which later results in a short circuit.  When this takes place, more electricity will flow in your circuit; wires may overheat and melt, and potentially cause fire to your unit. Get an A/C repair in Dallas, TX to fix the problem right away.

  • Dirty Air Filter

Imagine yourself putting a pillow on top of your face. Hard to breathe, right? The same thing happens when your A/C’s air filter is dirty. A dirty filter affects your blower and makes it work longer to circulate the conditioned air throughout your home. As a result, your drawer may draw more electricity and potentially trip the circuit breaker.

  • Overloaded Circuit

Your circuit breaker is the one responsible for shutting off the electricity flow once the amps exceed your breaker’s amps rating. For instance, your circuit breaker will break if it is rated for 15 amps only, but 20 amps are flowing through it. A tripping circuit breaker can be caused by too many appliances (including your A/C) connected to it. To avoid this, be sure to contact an air conditioning company in Dallas, TX for recommendations, check-up, and repair.

  • Compressor Problems

The compressor plays a vital role in your cooling unit, and a malfunctioning one could mean you need an air conditioning replacement in Dallas, TX. Your compressor may malfunction if you keep on using your unit’s circuit breaker after it trips. So when you notice problems going on in your circuit breaker, shut off your A/C and call the local techs for an immediate fix.

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A tripped circuit breaker is a problem that requires an immediate solution. When left unsolved, it can cause costly A/C repairs or fire hazards to your property. Our team at Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating can help you avoid this. Set your appointment with us and we’ll get your unit and home back into safety.

How to Tell If Your A/C Fan Motor Is Bad

How to Tell If Your A/C Fan Motor Is BadYour air conditioner’s fan motor keeps your home cool and comfortable. It is the vital component of your A/C that circulates the air throughout your home. When it fails or breaks down, you will definitely notice a sudden change in your airflow and indoor temperature. This is when you need to schedule an A/C repair in Dallas, TX to bring back your home’s comfort.

To help you figure out the problem, here are the signs that you have a bad A/C fan motor:

  1. No Cool Air is Blown In Your Home

Your motor might be broken if your unit is not blowing out cold air into your home. This does not just cause discomfort in your space, but it also leads to a higher energy bill. Why? Because your unit will keep on working to meet your home’s cooling demand. Scheduling an A/C service in Dallas, TX can help troubleshoot and fix this problem.

  1. Strange Noises are Heard

The rattling, buzzing, and humming sounds coming from your air conditioner are often linked with a failing motor. If you hear a rattling sound from your condenser when you turn on your fan, chances are your motor could be acting up. A loud humming and buzzing created by your fan motor can also mean a malfunctioning motor blade. Request a service call right away to solve this issue.

  1. Your A/C Runs Intermittently

Your air conditioner may short cycle not only because it is not sized properly for your home, but due to an overheating motor as well.  This could happen because of a technical issue with the relay or the motor itself. Be sure to call your local air conditioning company in Dallas, TX for immediate repair.

  1. Outdoor Fan Blades are Not Moving

When your air conditioner runs, its vital parts should also operate. The compressor should work, and the fan blades should be turning on as well. But if your unit is kicking and the blades are not moving, your motor is definitely experiencing an issue. Contact your local contractor to fix the problem.

Is Your Fan Motor Failing? We Can Help!

A failing or bad fan motor is something you cannot just take for granted. If you want to stay comfortable on the coming summer months, then make sure your cooling system is at its tip-top shape by scheduling an A/C repair in Dallas, TX.

Our team at Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating can help repair your failing fan motor and other issues that hide in your cooling system. Set your appointment with us today!