Should You Replace or Repair Your Air Conditioner?

Repairing or replacing your air conditioner is a tricky decision for most Dallas, TX homeowners because they are not sure if the timing is right. If you have it repaired, and it died months or a year later, then you just wasted money. If you replace it promptly, you might be paying for something you do not need yet.

So, how do you go about deciding whether to invest in a new A/C or repair it instead? Let’s take a look at these factors to help you decide.

Your System’s Age

Everything has its own timeline. It’s just a matter of until when. You need to understand that your HVAC system becomes more vulnerable to damages and failures as it ages. Its components eventually lose their efficiency. Thus, it’s also important to keep this in mind before you make a final call.

Repair Cost

Is repair worth your money? Some A/C problems, although they seem serious, are actually inexpensive and easy to fix. Depending on what part of the unit is broken or damaged, repairs might be worth the cost.  But, if the repair cost is higher than the price of a new air conditioning unit, then it’s best to replace it. Consult your trusted A/C repair company in Dallas to get an idea on the cost of air conditioning repair in your area.

Frequency of Repairs

If your unit costs thousands of dollars for a repair, it might not be worth fixing. This is true for those that had major repairs within 2 years. Frequent A/C repairs are a sign that your unit is likely to break down in the future. Replace your air conditioner before this major breakdown happens.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Over time, your air conditioner can become less efficient. Although it looks fully functional, there might be hidden issues that cause upsurge on your cooling bills. If your unit is old, we suggest you get an air conditioning replacement in Dallas. Make sure to have your unit inspected by professionals to identify the major cause of a sudden increase in your energy bills.

You Feel Discomfort at Home

Don’t feel bad about getting an A/C repair in Dallas when you’re no longer comfortable in your home. If you start noticing signs for a repair like odd sounds and smells, warm air blowing from the air conditioner, and more, contact your HVAC company immediately.

If these issues occur more often than normal even after several repairs, you better invest in a new air conditioner. You’ll surely be glad you did.

Invalid A/C Warranty

Did a major part of your air conditioning system fail? Or, is the warranty void? Either of these scenarios means you’ll be paying bucks for repair or replacement.

The bitter truth about some A/C manufacturers is that they don’t always pay for repairs even if your unit is still under warranty. Unfortunately, they won’t make it easy for you to keep your warranty valid. In this case, air conditioning replacement in Dallas would be a better option. Contact your A/C manufacturer for your warranty concerns.

Final Thoughts on A/C Repair or Replacement

Be mindful of these factors to figure out if you should replace or repair your air conditioner. There are several cases in which repair is perfectly a viable option, while on some occasions, A/C replacement is a better choice. Don’t make hasty decision! Get pieces of practical advice from the experts before making up your mind.

Fast and Quality A/C Repair and Replacement Services in Dallas, TX

Need to repair or replace your air conditioner? We can help! Talk to the experts at Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating to know what’s best for your broken or damaged cooling system. Let our skilled specialists help you make the best decision for your system. We’ll get your comfort back to normal.

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Why Is Spring A/C Replacement A Good Idea?

Why Is Spring A/C Replacement A Good Idea?Birds are chirping, fragrances and blossoms are around, and everyone is out for some fun activities. Spring does bring joy, and it is a beautiful season. What if we told you that this season is also a great time for you to replace your old A/C with a new, efficient unit?

Here’s why spring A/C replacement is a good idea:

Manufacturer Deals are Everywhere

Homeowners do not think of their HVAC system that much in spring due to moderate weather, and this results in a fewer unit purchase. That is why many HVAC manufacturers offer specials and rebates to encourage homeowners to install new A/C in the offseason. So if you are positive that your cooling system needs a replacement this year, do it now while discounts are still available.

Flexible Service Scheduling

Due to bearable weather, local contractors receive fewer services calls from homeowners. Spring is not a busy time for them. Take advantage of the situation to schedule your cooling system installation or find the best HVAC contractor to accommodate all your needs. You may find yourself waiting for days until your cooling system gets installed when you do it in summer. Think about it!

HVAC Contractors’ Availability

Whether you want to add a new central cooling unit to your home or for new construction, services are completely available during spring. Professional installers can perform a load calculation to find the right size of unit for your home. They can consider the factors that might affect your comfort and recommend some IAQ solutions for healthier indoor air. Everything you request can be done as they have a lot of free time for the job.

Tax Refund

Consider using your tax refund this spring. This tax refund can give you an investment, that keeps your home comfortable while saving you some cash on lower utility bills for years to come. So start planning your A/C replacement this spring and enjoy great savings.

Avoid Summer Rush

Summer is when the market gets extremely busy, this is the season when you finally realize you have a limited time to deal with all your cooling needs. Spring season offers you an excellent opportunity to get everything ready, including your comfort and savings. So, install your new A/C before it’s too late.

Looking to enjoy whatever the fun summer brings? Then start planning your cooling needs this spring. Our team at Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating can help! Let us handle all your comfort needs, from installation to repair and maintenance. Call us to get started!